In Steamboat’s market—which provides a variety of interior design, furniture and home goods boutiques—only Stēl offers access to unique brands, collective buying power, custom fabrication and Vertical Arts’ bona fide interior design credentials that can seamlessly enhance your project.


Stel House + Home is the only furniture and interior design store located near the base of Steamboat Resort with easy access and free parking. Stel’s staff is experienced in working with second homeowners to furnish a complete home. We’re also a local favorite for remodel needs.

Stop in and experience a relaxed shopping environment with lots of natural light, a colorful selection of local art, and sleek, modern furniture.

The Stēl Story

In 2004, Brandt Vanderbosch founded Vertical Arts Architecture in Steamboat Springs with a vision to bring together quality design, innovation and sustainability. Vertical Arts opened Stēl House + Home in 2012 to provide a storefront shop offering eclectic, unique home décor products and services.

Today, Stēl offers a full-service retail design store for purchases from picture frames to custom furniture from its sister company Twenty1Five. For those who have a larger project in mind, you can access Vertical Arts’ complete interior design, landscape design and architecture expertise.

Whoever you are, whatever you dream of creating, you’re welcome at Stēl.


The Stēl Team

Stēl’s friendly design team and fresh, eclectic collection of local art, custom furniture and highly curated home goods help you tell your story through modern design.


Brandt Vanderbosch founded Vertical Arts in 2004 and had the vision to create Stēl House + Home as a cornerstone of modern interiors in Steamboat Springs and across the Mountain West. His architectural expertise equips Stēl House + Home with a strong foundation for larger interior design projects.


Sarah Tiedeken, a partner and owner of Vertical Arts, seamlessly balances technical details and project management and is an integral part of the creative interior design process, handling fixed finishes and furnishings. She is driven by her passion for expressing her clients’ stories through exceptional design.


Gina Silveri hand-selects Stēl’s products with an eye for design that her clients rely on. With more than 25 years in logistics, sourcing and operations management, Gina delivers personal service beyond compare as she impeccably orchestrates Stēl’s operations.


Blaire Izlar is a Junior Architect and Interior Designer from Florida. Her wanderlust leads her to travel around the world allowing her to create wholesome designs from diverse cultures and the aesthetics that accompany them.