Remodeling a Ski Home from Moody Masculine to Chic Sophisticated

April 3, 2024
Living Room View Blue Rug
Near Powder Mountain in Utah, the Stel House + Home team delivered a remodeled ski-side home, updating the previous mismatched bachelor pad interior design style into a chic, ski retreat with a nordic-style palette that highlights the home’s stunning architecture. The homeowner wanted to do away with the moody masculine feel, rework the main suite to accommodate a bigger closet, add a fireplace feature and create a better home office space. The updated spaces need to feel more sophisticated and connected to nature. The team also redesigned and restyled the main living area, recreation room and media room.
View over living room couch featuring expansive views and fireplace mimicking aspen trees
 The home’s large, massy pillars now look more like the Aspen trees that surround the property, thanks to the revamped interior design.
To better accentuate the clean, modern architecture of the home the interior design team chose soft, neutral tones with blues and greens that naturally both blend with the home’s exterior yet give the style a graphic punch. Each guest suite was enhanced with its own character to feel more like a retreat, replacing the prior inconsistent and mismatched styles.
Living Room View showcasing furniture
Additional seating options and a grounding, colorful rug create an inviting gathering place.
In the main living area, the masculine oversized sofa that previously dominated the space was replaced by new furniture options to seat more people. Now, two sets of complementary, neutral modern chairs – one hair on hide and wood, one leather – surround a smaller sofa to create a dedicated space. A modern green and blue rug serves as a grounding backdrop that better suits the room. Integrated shades for the floor-to-ceiling windows and a TV were also added.
Bedroom with Fireplace and unique wallpaper
The new steel fireplace accentuates the home’s steel-framed windows and the bright, neutral color palette creates more of a nature-inspired style.
For the main bedroom suite, the design team rearranged the back wall to provide more closet space and created a framed nook in place of a headboard to emanate a hotel retreat vibe, with a nature-inspired wallpaper and delicate hanging sconces to complete the look. The newly added fireplace was created using 3D concrete tiles and steel that complement the home’s existing architecture. An additional guest wardrobe closet space was also added next to the fireplace. The leftover, semi-awkward triangular space within the room was used to create a small office workspace.
Wood paneled walls with corner office view
Rounded gold accents bring a chic style to the newly created office space within the main suite.
To move away from the bachelor-pad wine bar aesthetic, the recreation room’s bar cabinetry was completely redone to transform the space. The interior design team chose an encaustic cement backsplash with an eye-catching black and white pattern that now matches the black cabinets. Recreational aspects were built out to include a TV, pool table space and game table. The revamped media room now features true theater-style seating and dark patterned carpet.
Black Kitchenette with TV and unique graphic tile
The recreation room’s bar space feels upscale and creates contrast from the light wood plank flooring.