Bringing the Cozy in This Fall

October 30, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The breeze picks up, the leaves start changing, and the frost begins to make intermittent appearances. These are all too familiar signs telling us to prepare for the frigid winter months ahead. We are closing the windows and putting away our light linen. Family beckons as we curl up on the couch with hot cocoa, nestled in our nubby wools; it is time to bring cozy back indoors.

Adapting to seasons is easy enough by choosing pieces that bring you JOY! Everything you choose to bring into your home should bring you joy, because if it doesn’t; Why would you even have it there in the first place?

You don’t have to have the perfect Instagram Entry way either, after all it is staged! So instead of focusing on the perfect, choose pieces that make you smile. There are plenty of ways to bring warm colors, tones, textures into the home without an overhaul.

How exactly do you choose pieces that bring you JOY?

A good test is to walk into your house and look around at your belongings. Does this bring me joy? Does this make me happy? Does this trigger that little part of my heart that says “WOW, I am so lucky to have these socks!”

#1: Get rid of extra belongings that are weighing you down

Forget about “spring cleaning” being the only time to organize, “fall cleansing” allows for a seamless transition into winter with just the right amount of coziness. Hopefully, this will allow room for some new items, the ones that often come during the holidays. With this tip you will be able to welcome in the new year that is rapidly approaching!

#2 : Entryway

Do not know where to start? How about this room that first welcomes you upon entering your home? The entry way is a great focal point to showcase your favorite pieces that bring you JOY! Not only will you see this upon arrival but leaving as well. Maybe the time has come to invest in a cool vintage console that brings warmth and character into your home? Or perhaps you would like to find an Autumn scented candle to fill the arrival with a more sensory experience. A nice picture of the family from last thanksgiving could accompany this arrangement well.

Got a drop zone instead of proper entry way? No worries, here are some small items that could help!

Think about adding a rustic tray on top of the table, this could hold anything from keys, mail, coins, you name it. Too simple? Drape a tweed or checkered table runner underneath and accent with a few funky pumpkins and there you go!

1. Curated Industrial                               2. Organic Modern                                    3. Clean & Simple

#3 : Layer-Up

I do not know about you, but I am dying to get a giant chunky knit this fall. Think about the textures in your room, if you have already got a nice chunky knitted blanket, layer it with a tightly knit soft patterned blanket. Also, a good investment could be some inter-changeable pillowcases. Pair warm tones and neutrals together while mixing in a pattern that brings you JOY. Find a beautiful sheep skin and throw it over the chair in the corner.  Different sizes, shapes, and textures are going to give a nice cozy eclectic look.  This could be maybe something you picked from a local artist or maybe it is a simple recognizable pattern. Layers are all about different sizes, shapes, and textures. The diversity of materials and colors are going to give a nice, cozy, look that is unique to you!

#4: Add a Rustic Touch

No, a rustic touch does not have to transport you back to your grandmother’s farm, the amount is all up to you, but do not be afraid of a little rustic! Fall is a great time to be a little more playful with your home décor without disrupting the overall vibe of the space. A great way to implement a minimal rustic touch could be through place settings. Tall candle holders, glass vases with some rosemary or seasonal flowers, and an elegantly fun table runner are all detail pieces that can really reign home the fall season. A good way to keep things neutral could be by choosing accessories with warm woods and aged metals. If there are other areas in your home that appear too cold, use earthy greens, rusts, or even black to bring the mood closer to cozy!

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Blaire Izlar

Blaire is a Junior Architect and Interior Designer from Florida. Her wanderlust leads her to travel around the world allowing her to create wholesome designs from diverse cultures and the aesthetics that accompany them.