Product Spotlight: Custom Table and Booth

April 7, 2020

Vertical Arts wants to create a remarkable, high-quality, personalized piece that you will be proud to call your own. We believe in using authentic materials to create items that have a story. By teaming up with the best local craftsmen Vertical Arts can design and produce a piece that not only fits your style, but also the exact dimensions of the space it will go in. Whatever you can dream we can turn into a reality. Check out the custom table and booth we created for our clients—the same clients whose home won us Colorado Homes & Lifestyles 2017 Home of the Year award!


Vertical Arts wanted the table to feel nooked into the kitchen casework and connect to the outdoor courtyard through a large steel framed window. The booth’s height is just slightly taller than the adjacent casework and window sill, which allows it to perfectly tuck into the space.

We wanted the booth to have a refined, yet earthly feeling, so the material selection was of utmost importance. The vertical channel tufting at the back of the seat gives an air of luxury, while the ostrich Edelman leather is textural and warm. The table is made from reclaimed boxcar planks and steel that is patina’ed in a custom finish to match the other metal work in the house. The rust-colored metal and marred, character-rich top give the area a casual feel, perfect for a breakfast nook. The custom table base is beefy enough to stand on it’s own, allowing the owner to move it if needed.

Ergonomic comfort was equally important in the design of the booth. Adding a slight angle to the seat and perfecting the depth allows one to more easily sit. A toe kick at the base also allows the user to tuck their feet back while sitting and eating. Small adjustments in dimensions along with firm, yet cushy seat foam create a comfortable place to relax!


Raw Urth fabricated the beautiful steel base and edge banding for the table top made by Twenty-1-Five. Ablyss upholstery completed the base and cushions.


A mix of traditional and rustic.

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Sarah Tiedeken

Sarah Tiedeken is a partner and owner of Vertical Arts, seamlessly balances technical details and project management and is an integral part of the creative interior design process, handling fixed finishes and furnishings. She is driven by her passion for expressing her clients’ stories through exceptional design.