Smart Design Tips for the New Home Office

February 4, 2021

Many professionals across the U.S. are working from home full time and companies have shifted policies to allow working from home more often. Without a commute, individuals and families are focusing on making spaces in their home more functional for both work and homeschooling. 

“Being thrown into our homes every waking hour of the day has really made us realize that spaces need to be flexible for multiple activities,” said Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien, partner and owner of Stēl House + Home’s sister company Vertical Arts.

Setting up at the kitchen table or sofa in the living room can lead to disruptions during video calls and sore bodies from bad ergonomics. Marrying working and living spaces has become a big priority for many homeowners and professionals. Here are the considerations to keep top of mind when designing a workspace in the home:

Dual Purpose Space

Think smart design for limited spaces. Can an area of your home double as an office? Consider a small nook in your guest room that can fit a desk and keep the distractions at bay.

IMG_1137 (2)

Looking for a custom piece to fit your space? This desk was designed by the architects at Vertical Arts and fabricated by partner company Twenty1Five.

Outside Views and Plants

Greenery can boost your mood while natural light can increase productivity. Make sure your curtains are open while you work.

Faux Olive Tree in a pot

No green thumb? No problem! This faux olive tree in a classic textured white pot will still bring greenery to your office space.

Block the Noise

Partitions can carve out a portion of a heavily trafficked room or open floor plan to feel more like a separate space. Consider adding a bookshelf to help block the noise and create more privacy in the home.


This open shelving unit is also mobile, making it the perfect partition. This piece available at Stēl measures 71”L x 18”D x 80”H

Give Your Eyes a Break

Use decorative and task lighting to add character and functional light for everyday tasks. Make sure you are getting the right amount of light from the right direction to cut down on glare.

Modern Industrial Desk Lamp

This bronze powder-coated standing modern industrial lamp features an antique brass-coated shade.

Ditch the Corporate Decor

Forgo the corporate furnishings. Office furniture should be functional but also complement other rooms in your house. Custom casework can incorporate file storage, printers and workspaces without feeling sterile.

Office Chair – Malibu-Black Leather

This minimalist desk chair in black top-grain leather offers maximum comfort.

Sarah’s insights on designing the home office were originally featured on Colorado Group Realty’s blog. Be sure to follow Stel House + Home on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz. Visit our website to order any of our products and stop by the storefront in Steamboat for more home inspiration.